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1 Hotel Bride Collection

Late April symbolizes many things in New York City. The grass is getting slightly greener—okay super green, if we are talking New York standards. We all run toward the cherry blossoms and enjoy the sunset strolls on the water’s edge in Brooklyn. However, for [salon]718, April symbolizes a different spring of sorts. This season we…

Brooklyn men’s haircuts

Men’s Hair Cuts and Styling in Brooklyn Here at Salon718, Brooklyn men’s haircuts are some of our biggest specialities and most common services. Men from all over the tri-state area flock to Salon718 for our outstanding cuts and our incomparable customer service. Everyone that visits Salon718 feels instantly welcomed and ready to make an incredible style…

Children’s Hair Stylist in Fort Greene

Fort Greene Kids’ Hair Cuts and Styling Sometimes, the thought of getting your child’s hair cut can be a little overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be that way. At [salon]718, we make it our business to ease the challenges that are often associated with kids’ hair cuts and styling. For one thing, our children’s…

Concentre Density Booster Density

Convenience is Key with Kérastase

Whether you’re traveling a lot this summer, relaxing at home with Netflix, or just an all-around busy person, Keratase Fusio-Dose Home Labs are a quick and easy treatment for your precious locks. This at home (or on the go) treatment offers an instant hair transformation that is personalized just for your hair needs. Each Fusio-Dose…

Hair Static

Fighting Annoying Winter Static

Dry climates—including those caused by overzealous heating systems—wreak havoc on your locks, causing static electricity probs that can make you resemble a walking science experiment. Don’t panic if the no-gravity look isn’t your thing— read the full article here…

Happy Pride

Happy Pride Month

We are inclusive [of all beauty]   Beyond the parades and parties, let’s celebrate who we are and our right to exist without fear and persecution.  The world is more beautiful when we see, embrace and love people as they fully are.

Never Have Another Split End 0

Never Have Another Split End

To keep your locks looking their best, avoiding split ends is a must—but between shampooing, brushing, and blowouts, it’s hard to avoid straining your strands. Once a few split ends make their way in, this paves the road for more to follow. Read the full article here.