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Our Four Pillars

[salon]718 lives by our four pillars that create our foundation. Integrity, Community, Inclusiveness, and Education. We promise to create [with a unique and sophisticated touch], a community [filled with integrity], that is inclusive [of all beauty] Our promise is our vow of trust to create as passionate artists with the license to do so. Our…

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[salon]718 Brooklyn Hangouts

Not only does [salon]718 get to style Brooklyn, but we also have the great pleasure of exploring all that this borough has to offer. Here are some of our favorite places to spend time that neighbour our four amazing locations. [clinton hill] Myrtle Avenue Salon. Pratt University has an amazing outside sculpture and seating area…

Kegan Salon718 Education Programme

[salon]718’s New Education Program

[salon]718 has revamped their education program to the needs of the brightest minds that we are looking to add to our family. Our educators have considered the needs and desires of our future stylists and will be executing our new education program this fall. Karina, our Location manager/education advisor, and coach believes consistency is key….