Ombre Hair Colorist in Fort Greene

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At Salon718, we consider it our obligation to bring you the very latest innovations, popular styles, and methods of hair coloring that are available. Certainly, we take pride in doing the fundamentals with precision and attention to detail, but we also enjoy offering something that is new and exciting. Ombre hair coloring represents one of the hottest trends in hair design right now. And whether you want something tame and subtle or something wild and daring, you can rest assured that our ombre hair colorist in Fort Greene is fully capable.

What is ombre hair coloring? It’s a method that gives you one color for the top of your head and totally different color for the ends. Of course, those two colors will work well together. That’s the entire point. It’s a look that will get you noticed and it’s become quite the rage among celebrities. You may have seen some who are doing it. Our ombre hair colorist in Fort Greene will give you the eye-catching appearance that may get you mistaken for a celebrity yourself.

Selecting the colors is half the fun. And our ombre hair colorist in Fort Greene is not just an expert at applying it but in helping you to decide on what is right for you. Depend on us for the advice that only experience, training, and passion for what we do can provide. Ombre is a delicate process, so count on us for the best possible results.

It’s time for you to get in on all the fun, don’t you think? The good weather is finally here and the time will never be better to call attention to your hair with a design that will set you apart from the crowd. Call us today and schedule an appointment with our ombre hair colorist in Fort Greene.

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