CC vs BB: Which One is Right For You?

Cc vs. BB: Which one is right for you? By Christine Valentin: Senior Stylist & Makeup Artist at [salon]718 First came the “BB”. Standing for “beauty balm”, it was a revolutionary turn in the beauty industry that took us from full coverage foundation, to a multi tasking moisturizer with instant skin smoothing results. First came […]

Fighting Annoying Winter Static

Dry climates—including those caused by overzealous heating systems—wreak havoc on your locks, causing static electricity probs that can make you resemble a walking science experiment. Don’t panic if the no-gravity look isn’t your thing— read the full article here…

Never Have Another Split End

To keep your locks looking their best, avoiding split ends is a must—but between shampooing, brushing, and blowouts, it’s hard to avoid straining your strands. Once a few split ends make their way in, this paves the road for more to follow. Read the full article here.

Brooklyn men’s haircuts

Men’s Hair Cuts and Styling in Brooklyn Here at Salon718, Brooklyn men’s haircuts are some of our biggest specialties and most common services. Men from all over the tri-state area flock to Salon718 for our outstanding cuts and our incomparable customer service. Everyone that visits Salon718 feels instantly welcomed and ready to make an incredible style […]

Ombre Hair Colorist in Fort Greene

Ombre Hair, Colorists At Salon718, we consider it our obligation to bring you the very latest innovations, popular styles, and methods of hair coloring that are available. Certainly, we take pride in doing the fundamentals with precision and attention to detail, but we also enjoy offering something that is new and exciting. Ombre hair coloring […]

Professional Haircuts in Fort Greene

Fort Greene Hair Design Experts Your hair is as much an expression of your personal sense of style as your clothes and accessories are. Whether you happen to be getting ready for an event, simply maintaining or keeping up with your favorite hairdo or if you want to try out a completely new hair style, […]

Women’s Hair Styling in Fort Greene

Fort Greene NY Hair Stylist Here at Salon718, women’s hair styling in Fort Greene is our main specialty. We love to help women feel beautiful and confident by making changes to their hair that are suited to their individual personalities and styles. Whether you are looking for a bold new cut, a fun color change, […]

[luxury] color services

If you’re lightening your hair, or daydreaming about going platinum blonde, our stylists at [salon]718 have one word for you: Olaplex This new salon tool not only reverses damage from prior bleaching and splashes of peroxide, but it’s actually improves the integrity of your hair and makes your transformation into a blonde successful and long […]

What’s on our [top] shelf

The winter months have never been easy for hair, this isn’t new.  However, the products available to help you best manage static, dry, and sometimes mangled hair are always changing. We’re sharing what our stylists have been loving and recommending this winter, hope you enjoy! 1. Kérastase Masque Elixir Ultime What’s it do? This mask […]